The Project

Dual Process Theory (DPT) is a paradigm that has attracted wide interest in cognitive psychology and social psychology in the last thirty years. According to DPT humans employ (roughly) two distinct cognitive processes when processing information from the environment in order to take decisions.

Our first objective is to provide a formal modeling of economic decision-making under the hypothesis of DPT.

Our second objective is to explore old socio-economic dilemmas by means of our innovative model of decision-making, in order to derive policy suggestions for promoting pro-social behaviors.

From a methodological point of view, the Project involves different approaches that range from theory (behavioral modeling, game theory, evolutionary techniques) to empirical methods (experiments and data analysis). This is reflected in the articulation of the team in research units (RU): Modena-RU mainly tackles modeling issues with a special focus on behavioral aspects, Pisa-RU provides expertise on game and evolutionary theory and runs the lab experiments, Rome-RU will conduct the data analysis.